Although not specifically library related, considering how many seminars, workshops, and conferences we all attend, this might be an interesting webinar (and free!)

Second Circle Event Technologies – Beyond Registration to Community Engagement
September 18, 2008
2:00 PM EDT | Register Now!

Events and meetings are a critical element of your overall market relationship management (MRM) strategy – providing customers, employees, partners, and franchises a powerful channel to experience your brand message. Meanwhile, event technologies have moved from being an adjunct support capability to being an essential part of every event or meeting. Unfortunately, too often, events are managed as one-time audience interactions and not as part of a continuous relationship that can address the audience needs over time. Join Stephen Saber CEO, CrossTech Group, with Chris Copelas, Director of Business Development, CrossTech Partners, as they discuss how Second Circle Technologies are transforming the way companies use these interactions to gain a competitive advantage.