I am looking for a new video editing software and I’m wondering if anyone has tried the latest version of jahshaka (v2 rc3) and if so, how does it compare to ulead videostudio 11? Any other suggestions?

I have cable modem (100M transfer, which is the highest offered in my hood), 2G processor and 233G external harddrive (which is where all of my images/video stuff goes); only 64G harddrive (I know; but I’m trying to make do until I can buy a new desktop). I also don’t want to spend a ton of money on software, either.

I’m primarily working with mov, avi, mpg video files; jpg or png image files; mp3 audio files; occasionally dvd files (willing to go look for a converter for those, if needed).

I’m looking for:

*something that will run well on my computer

*relatively low learning curve (I’m a graphics person; well versed in most of those kind of apps; but don’t want to spend a loong time learning something new).

*file format support for the above

*at least a few basic effects, as I’m mostly putting together tutorials or short movies for personal or youtube use, shot with either a digital cam with video output = mov file on sd card, or a digital video camera with video output = avi on dv tape;in short, not pro.

*output in a variety of formats &; compression, so that I can youtube the ones that go there, burn CDs/DVDs, or upload to my own websites.

I’ve used windows moviemaker (ok, but limited and kind of um… not so great), imovie (no longer access to mac), sony vegas (not sure I liked), adobe premiere (ok, no longer access), nero (bleech), and I’m looking for something better; ulead sounds good as does jahshaka.