On one library list, there is an ongoing discussion about library related or librarian blogs that librarians should be reading. I’m sure everyone has their favorites.  I read a lot of nonlibrary tech blogs that I find interesting and I participate in a couple of lists that do not have blogs. Anyhow here is my library related reading list:

Catalogablog, http://catalogablog.blogspot.com/

I know — cataloging is dead (ha! really!?), so what could anyone have to write about? How about LC decisions, nexgen catalogs, metadata, creative commons metadata and more. Cataloging dead, eh? I don’t think so and reading this blog gives a good overview of all of the various pieces of it. ..and if you need even more cataloging news, http://www.catalogingfutures.com/.

tech essence, http://techessence.info/ which covers technologies in libraries.

ACRLBlog, covers issues in academic libraries from web2.0 to privacy and everything in between.

Designing Better Libraries, http://dbl.lishost.org/blog/ focused on design and user experience.

Stephen’s Lighthouse, http://stephenslighthouse.sirsidynix.com/ from Sirsi’s Vice president of innovation.

Tame the web, http://tametheweb.com/ 

..and to see the Top 25 librarian bloggers which includes such blogs as librarian.net, the shifted librarian, librarian in black, etc. http://oedb.org/library/features/top-25-librarian-bloggers-by-the-numbers

Tech blogs: Lifehacks (gotta have them!) and techmeme. For all kinds of news, metafilter.