For those of you interested in arts & tech stuff, check out Elliot Boswell’s Painting du Jour videos at Youtube. Here is a little interview with him w/ embedded youtube, of course. Also, I wrote a brief piece on digital identity for artists.

Lots of great writing on board for December’s issue, so do check it out. The fiction, poetry, and short stories are getting better with each issue.

more at moonshine:

In this issue:
Sandra Babb, Studio Notes: The Back of Beyond and the Front of Wherever
Brenda L Basham, Original Art: Imagination, Infinite Bliss, Recovery,
Unconventional Literature, Waterfalls
Leigh B. Butler, Studio Notes: Morgan Samuel Price: Journey through Art
Gilbert Head: Original Art: Six Years Down
Drék Davis, Studio Notes: From Red & Black, to Black & Gold (AKA The
Interruption of it All)
Robin Fay: Creative Soul: What is Creativity (w/video); Arts &
Technology: Identity: What’s Yours? ; Video du Jour: An interview with
Elliot Boswell (w/video)
James D. McCallister, Original Art: Gravy Skin
Amber Moore, Culture of Art: Art and Advertising (A Marriage)
Jasmine Odessa Rizer: Original Art: Short Girl Comix, Role Model; Book reviews
Lisa Taylor, How I Taught my Grandmother to Curse