I’ve been using coppermine image gallery software (coppermine-gallery.net/) for a hosted gallery for a while, but now I wonder if there is something better out there. My runner-up at the time was gallery, gallery.menalto.com/ but now it seems like there are a lot more choices out there. Before I start spending significant time testing any of these alternatives to coppermine (and yes, I already use flickr; looking for something I can host), I thought I would query a few different lists and the web. So, here goes (and I promise I will post my findings….)

For those of you who use image gallery software, what would you recommend (or absolutely NOT recommend)?

My Wishlist:

+Prefer mysql+php with css templating
+Standalone gallery software not as part of a package (such as a drupal module, although the ability to incorporate in drupal might be an advantage)
+Categories, metadata, batch uploading, ability to link/crosspost single image in multiple categories
+Relatively easy to install (not interested in writing something from scratch, too busy), documentation online, etc.
+RSS feeds for images or categories would be lovely

Ideas? suggestions? any advice?