I’m blaming it on ee but it might be my browser. I wrote a whole post about inspiration, but ya know, it’s just not here. The RSS feeds aren’t working properly, either. I really hope upgrading in a few days will make the difference. As soon as someone creates a nifty little tool to import ee into wordpress, I’ll probably go that route. In the meantime, getting ee into wordpress is doable, but not exactly easy (but better than manually importing everything).

On another note: My mom has asked for a Christmas list. I have no idea. The things I need (or in some cases, just want) are way beyond any request. I thought maybe if I started out on the grandest scale I could downsize until I reach something manageable. Plus, this will either be fun or depressing or perhaps, both.

So, in no particular order, 10 things which I am so not getting this year, unless…. ?

(..leaving off the nonmaterialistic things, such as health, happiness, creativity, more time, peace to all, which are actually more important than all of these put together)

1. jeep wrangler limited, black, of course

2. a trip someplace really relaxing and scenic where I am not responsible for doing ANYTHING (really, not picky, but I don’t want to be responsible for organizing, driving, mapkeeping, peoplekeeping, food preparation, etc…)

3. top of the line digital camera with telephoto, fisheye, and a macro lens

4. new digital video camera

5. ipod touch – I can’t ever seen to mash (to quote a southernism) my zen buttons quite right to get it to do the right thing. I’ve tried changing the sensitivity but no such luck. Maybe this would work for me…and I am finally done with wma format. I’ve lost so much legal wma music due to buying a new player + new computer + switching between a desktop and laptop. Stupid. stupid.

6. a new snowboard with magnatraction (blue, black, green, and/or dark purple)

7. Every color sennelier oil pastel; at least 3 each

8. a new studio space

9. A lifetime’s worth of yoga classes 3 x week

10. A lifetime’s worth of massages 1 x week.

well, I think that’s it for this round. I can see a couple of spots (#7 on a smaller scale; maybe #9 too) for potential mom list stuff.