I’ve been a bad project coordinator. I should have laid down guidelines in terms of what I needed and more importantly WHEN. Instead, I’ve tried to be flexible, which means that when the company folks (who happen to be friends) can work on it, I can’t and vice versa. Then after waiting a while, when it’s my turn again, I’m behind in my work, because I swamped with other projects. I know better, I really do.

I’m going to ask for a final list of things to fix/do, do those things to finish up my part. In return, because I was not so smart and I’d rather not lose friends, I’m going to write off my fee. I figure that is fair and hopefully, will give this project which really hasn’t gone as well as I would liked, at least a nice ending.

..and I’m sick and feeling sickly all over, which means that I need to start clearing out some re-coup time.

thoughts (other than never work for friends or acquaintances, because if I followed that mantra I would have very little art work).