Hello & welcome to my mostly professional journal blog. I write about all sorts of things that interest me — mostly web stuff, cool new technologies, a sprinkling of art stuff, etc.

So, who am I? Well, that depends on the day of the week, I suppose. I am indeed an artist. Although, I currently work in the very textural elements of handmade paper, oil stick, and other materials, including the occasional digital or photographic image, in reality, I am truly an assemblage artist. I use whatever formats are at hand, to achieve my vision. Those media can be digital, natural (love seed pods and other natural structural elements), metal things I pick up off of the ground, a snippet from a photograph, or something that I paint or draw. Truly less about the medium than the message (or in my case, the vision).

I’ve had a web presence since 1997, when I coded my first website to do what? Display my artwork in a gallery (a very simple table based one). Since then, I’ve been hooked. Contrary to what some people think, art is in everything — even code.

In 1999, I started an arts new page which became my first blog in 2001, using opensource Greymatter>MovableType(2002)>ee (expression engine)(2004). I’ll probably move my art journal to wordpress at some point. Outside of my art domain, I’ve installed and configured wordpress blogs, coppermine photo galleries, links directories, knowledgebase, drupal, PACERCMS (a news publishing software) and of course, I blog here at blogger.

I’ve freelanced webdesign, graphics, metadata, and I serve as the editor & tech support for a new arts magazine, moonshine.

I’ve presented on web 2.0 technologies, social networking, etc. in libraries. I’ve taught sessions on the basics of MARC including the relationships between a MARC coded record, library opacs, google books and oclc worldcat. You can find some of professional stuff linked on this blog or over at robinfay.net

I’m a librarian, occasional IDD student, Humanities Computing student in Fall ’08, but mostly I’m a student of life. Technology is just another means of expression.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to post anything else of interest (or not!)


–originally posted, 7.7.2004; updated 10.15.2007