In the course of doing a little research for a brief article on social networking for visual artists, I found a lot of new services and of course, what seems to be a lot more discussion about the potential Web 2.0/social networking bubble (perhaps, it is just cumulative effect).

Will it happen? Oh sure, at some point…. and you can read lots of various opinions here, here, here, watch the video (albeit, from 2006) or well, just type Web 2.0 or social networking bubble into your favorite search engine. Really, it’s no surprise. Consider all of the hot toys (or really any product) for each year. A ton of clones and knockoffs soon follow. The ‘hot toys’ become less so, and either become a standard (Barbie) or just completely fade away overtaken by the newest hot toy.

Anyhow, this article talks about the future social networking in terms of being more community oriented in terms of websites such as deviantarts. I do wonder how these niche sites will fare in the long run, but in terms of deviantarts, they definitely offer a lot more for visual artists.