Well, my presentation on web 2.0 technologies for blogging is finally coming together. I’m using google presentation to house the presentation and I’ll publish it out on the web when finished.

I’ve sent the presentation off to my co-presenter for her part and review. I’ve got to do a little bit of work over the next couple of weeks to tidy up the blog and other examples, so that they will be great for the presentation. We will hopefully have some goodies to give away, as I’ve emailed all of the software/services (del.icio.us, youtube, etc.).

Topics covered:

  • blogging (just briefly, we’ve already done an indepth thing about the how-tos of blogging — and I promise to put all of my presentations on slideshare at some point)
  • bookmarking/links lists (del.icio.us)
  • image hosting/slideshows/other graphic design treats (flickr)
  • video hosting + videocasting (youtube)
  • RSS feeds – pulling in external content to sites/blogs
  • various other widgets (meebo – IM, snapshots –Website preview for hot links, etc.)
  • brief discussion of mashups (very brief)

Well, I think that is it. The goal is to talk about how these tools can be used by libraries and also the advantages of using these kinds of tools by librarians (we’ll talk briefly, again, very briefly, lots to cover! about facebook)
Lots of live example provided the wireless is working. Otherwise, it will be just mini-screenshots and a shorter presentation. 😉