(pardons to suicidal tendancies…)

So, I posted a couple of workarounds/fixes I discovered about blogger to the blogger google groups. I guess someone didn’t like them, because they magically disappeared. No email, no post back (hey, that’s a stupid idea, or that’s been posted a million times before [even if I couldn’t find it in searching], no you posted too many times in a day), no nothing. Just magically disappeared with broken links under my profile. The first time it happened, I just reposted my post. I read the TOS and the only thing I saw that might be remotely relevant was about spam… and I didn’t consider it to be spam, but a workaround to something that’s not working very well in blogger. One part of a different post, I did later find a similar reference, but I didn’t find it in searching the first time. So, I thought I did something wrong. So, I reposted.
Apparently, my posts were meant to eh… not be there.

So, then I thought, maybe I should just move this blog on over to wordpress. In a worst case scenario, the user forum there will yell at you if do something stupid, but generally they seem pretty nice. However, moving a blog is such a pain and I kind of like blogger. However, I did find a nifty little built in feature in wordpress.com to import from blogger, so that issue is a big non-issue.

Anyhow, I started googling for info about how to do some other things in blogger, and apparently, I’ve been accused of being spyware. Me.

Of course, I am running a virus scan, just in case, but I find it kind of wildly funny that this came up right after I tried to unsubscribe from a google groups.

So, eh, if this blog magically disappears, too, I guess we’ll all know why.