So, eh, I was shamed because this photo friday for the theme purple is a black and white photo. Hmm, what were they looking at I wonder?

My photo for this theme (see previous entry) may not be the most purple-y photo, but black and white, it’s not. Hot pink, fuschia, reflected violet, eggplant background, maybe. Anyhow, I guess any linkage is good linkage. So, there, I’ve returned the favor. wink

On a different note, I do love to see the artistic interpretations of the themes. For example, one of the black + white photos IS a closeup of someone with a black eye. Have you ever seen a black eye? I can’t think of an uglier shade of purple. The fact that the photo is b+w makes you think a little more about the connection.

I didn’t look at all of the shamed ones so I can’t speak to each of them, either. Photo Friday really does nothing for me as a blogger which is one reason, I drop out of it at times. Sure, I see a spike of traffic on Friday, but rarely do I pick up new readers from PF. I mostly do it because I then send the photos out to my art list. wink Anyhow, I did come across a new Sat. photomeme site, so maybe I will give that one a try. The topics do not seem quite so vague as Photo Friday.