I couldn’t remember how long I’ve been blogging. Sure I remember when my first website launched; 1996ish/possibly early 1997. I remember learning HTML and uploading everything by command line to a unix server. I remember working and working and working on my pages; all through the summer. I remember the magic of when I finally went to netscape, and clicked my url: voila! Magic! It was beige. It had a little white cat that ran across the bottom of it. It had a counter and an image of one of my paintings. It might have had a georgia o’keeffe quote.

Yep, fancy stuff. Around mid/late & ’97, I started exhibiting with a little more regularity. Probably more importantly, I started posting that info online. So, then I had 4 pages: the intro, the news page, a list of web links I liked, and a guestbook (thanks Matt! Tons of people used that little guestbook!) A real website! Shortly afterwards, I expanded the images (a fancy image gallery with thumbnails and tables!), created a real logo, and continued to update the news page. Around 2001 (? maybe earlier?) I bought my domain for email purposes.

I also discovered some really cool software called greymatter. About this time, I also started to hear about blogging. I was a little confused about blogging then. I had always heard a blog was a list of links, but these things were more like diaries (eeks!). I wasn’t sure I liked that idea, but in looking over some of the sites using greymatter, it seemed like they were doing lots of neat stuff. The guy who created greymatter (Noah Grey? something or another?) was a photographer and used greymatter to create a photoblog. Now, that was cool!&; So, I installed greymatter and used it for a few years (maybe up until around 2003ish, when I then switched to movable type. When I moved from greymatter to movable type, I lost some of my entries. Ah, such is life; they probably needed to be lost. wink

I used movable type until 2005, when I was tempted away to EE (PMachine) by a juicy offer. I’ve been with EE ever since. My earlier entries here are imports from greymatter to movabletype and then from movabletype to EE. Amazing really that any of them made it. I have tested wordpress and have installed it for others. However, considering how many entries I have now, I’m not sure about migrating from EE to wordpress. I know it can be done, but dare I try it?

Anyhow, the short end of this long story, is that as of this summer, I will have been online for 10 years. It’s hard to believe!&; This post from 2003 shows alot of my earlier website designs. Unfortunately, I lost the beige design (no screenshot), but since the second design (black/neon purple) was all image based, I was able to retrieve a copy from the internet archive. Unfortunately, I think that one is now gone, too.