Okay, so I totally hope this is ACTUALLY going to greenlight this time. Sigh. Let’s not talk about the technical issues that have plagued this problem, mmm?

..looking for contributors for a new online arts, literary, & music magazine, moonshine (details follow).

… a few people who would be willing to write articles, essays, reviews, op ed pieces, entries,
comics, whatever, for a bimonthly online magazine with a focus on arts: visual, literary, music. (Previous publication experience is not needed; just a willingness to thoughtfully write on a particular topic).


Looking for people to contribute original articles, essays, writings on a bimonthly basis on topics such as:

— art, book, film, and/or music reviews

— art techniques, DIY, how-tos, or social networking experiments

— bios of artists/writers/musicians (especially, underrated/overlooked artists/writers/musicians of the South of any time period)

— the life of the artist (i.e., experiences as an artist: the good and the bad)

— creativity & inspiration

— individual literary works: stories, poetry, comics, serial novels or plays, etc.

current and historical topics relating to art (politics, theory, culture, etc.)

— other ideas (pitch your ideas!)

–> southerncreativity.com@gmail.com

You do not have to have previous writing experience to participate. If you have questions, please let me know. If you are interested let me know. If you have ideas, let me
know. If you think this sounds interesting, let me know. 😉

First issue will have a tight deadline; contributions due by Aug. 2.

Future contributions will be due on the 1st of each month; future publishing schedule will be:

Aug 10
Oct 10
Dec 10
Feb 10
Apr 10
June 10
back to Aug.

moonshine: A new online magazine of visual, literary and music arts.
the blah blah stuff….

moonshine is a new online arts magazine published on a bimonthly basis. In submitting works to moonshine, you are giving permission to publish any work that you submit to moonshine. Additionally, you are agreeing that you are the sole creator of the submitted work or that
you have appropriate copyright permissions. Copyright permissions are your responsibility. The editorial staff at moonshine may edit or revise works for punctuation, grammar, spelling, clarity, and/or length if needed. moonshine reserves to the right to refuse any work.