Well, I’ve finally got drupal up and running (again, second time is a charm, correct?). It’s kind of bare bones at the moment – no portfolio, not much content, and the design is kind of funky. However, the goal is to create my dossier/portfolio using drupal. I’ll be able to control access and I think (hope!) that I’ll be able to create a structure that is logical and easy for the review committee to use. PDFs for scanned documents will not be a problem.

Currently, the design is more of a funky and personal (and needs a little more tweaking!), but as my dossier goes up, I’ll rework the style sheet to a more professional (and plain) design. In drupal, you can actually save the styling (themes) so that once I’m done with the promotion review process, I can change it to whatever I want. 😉

Oh, and if you want to take a look at the live site:

I would love some feedback. 😉