On one list I read (sorry, I forgot which one) a user posted that they thought the term Web 2.0 would slowly fade away. As we all become more comfortable with the dynamic, interactive and user oriented technology on the web (my paraphrasing), Web 2.0 would just become the “web.” Thinking over all of the various technological advancements in modern history, it does seem that when they are new and shiny, there are various buzz words associated with them. As the new technology becomes more familiar or in some cases incorporated into our daily lives, what we call it becomes more mundane.

Recently, various lists have been buzzing about the death of Web 2.0, specifically, various services (myspace, twitter, etc.) . C’mon did anyone think twitter would really last?

Anyhow, here are a few interesting articles about new things on the ‘net:
Beyond Myspace

What’s next after myspace
(hint: tagworld,imeen, tagged)

“In Virtual” (more on virtual life on the ‘net)

…and tolling the death bell.