I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted here. I am kind of swamped in various web projects, most of which are pushing or extending my abilities (hey, that’s great, right? LOL) I love it, to be honest. I need to be totally submerged when I’m working on something new. So, anyhow, here is the scoop: I’ve been working with more with feeds and widgets: del.icio.us (pulling multiple RSS feeds by tag into a templated website, as well as tag clouds); which works lovely and is easy as pie to do. Works with ANY website that can run javascript. Of course, one thing I struggled with I found that it’s just an IE thing, so umm… new direction!

The second part (and more complex) is creating a CSE (customized search engine) via google to search the del.icio.us links but display them in a templated website (vs. del.icio.us). So, here is the real sticky wicket which I finally discovered half of the content that I want to index is not indexing in google. Sigh.

I’ve tweaked those pages and asked google to please recrawl. Who knows if they will. If they don’t, my search engine absolutely has no chance of working!

Sigh. I have spent alot of effort trying to beat my CSE into submission, instead it’s a google thing. So, that’s at a standstill for the moment.

Then, I need to finish building the KB (knowledge base/FAQ) for the art group.

..and try to see if I can get the software for the arts e-zine off of the ground. I just can’t seem to get drupal to do what I want. I’m beginning to think drupal is the wrong choice. Campfire looks like exactly what we need but it seems like I can’t run it on the server for some reason.

..and continue testing wordpress to see if I can migrate this blog w/out manually importing each entry. I’ve read of a couple of different options, so I’ll just have to see.

All of which is going more slowly than anticipated after I funked up my writing hand and have been limited in typing/mousing. So, there ya go. wink

thank goodness for free internet music, love pandora for discovery, but there’s no way to incorporate the actual player into a website, so I’ve been listening to lastfm more and adding in the new bands that I discovered via pandora! wink