Ok, I realize I haven’t done a project update here in a while.

so here goes (in addition to managing staff, project management, resolving complex problems, etc. in other words the day to day):

  • Continuing work with the CRDL (Civil Rights Digital Library) in the portal design. I think the metadata issues have been resolved which now means it’s time for me to get busy on helping generate metadata.
  • Institutional repository group (ditto, except I’m not involved in generating metadata)
  • making the departmental links delicious (finally)
  • Finishing up the interactive e-learning tutorial. I realize that I need to make some windows (the ones with embedded webpages) in the ppt open full screen in order for people to use it more effectively. Also, I didn’t think to put anything in there about who did it. (oops, not good at self promotion, obviously!) Finally, I need to add a link to close out the units, so that it’s not so clunky… but you can see a prototype here (and pardon the cheezy graphics, those were a place holder). I choose ppt because it will be easy for staff to repurpose units for other training. However, this is sort of still rough around the edges. I’d love to redo the whole thing in the future and flash it all.
  • Finding a less labor intensive (and a better interface) for the internal procedures manual… 200+ pdfs and counting
  • Various web projects: the libs blog, getting the postit suggestion box up, ecards for special collections, retemplating departmental pages to use the style sheet (finally! we are moving along to CSS)
  • figuring out which program for my second master’s. IDD (Instructional Design and Development) seems okay, but Humanities Computing might be better.
  • …and on the art front:
    –getting the new arts magazine up and running. I am wondering if I have enough contributors. Oh, well, I guess I will find out.
    –putting my art sale online
    –getting the pieces to the tate center for their collection
    –finishing up my various webprojects with my clients