well, I’m just feeling tired and a little snarky.. but someone emailed me to ask how much southerncreativity would be paying its writers. bah ha ha ha…

sorry, I almost fell off of my chair laughing. I know few people who started out writing for money, it just doesn’t happen that way.

If you blog, contribute articles, write poetry, whatever; it’s a a rare treat when you are paid. I should know. I’ve had articles that have gone through several reviews (and then hacked to hide discrepancies in research; not my research mind you, I found the discrepancies!) for which I was paid between 25$ and 75$. Yep; and I felt lucky to have been paid anything! I feel for writers. At least, with visual artists there is some understanding that there is a cost associated with the product; and thus, the artwork should be worth some amount of money (paltry as it may be!). However, with writing, I think there is expectation that everyone does it for fun. Oh yeah, right.

Anyhow, southerncreativity does not have any money, and in fact, if I could find a way to write off the $ spent on hosting, I would wink However, since it does have webspace (and lots of it!) what I can is offer a free (yet brief) webpage for those who contribute. I know, it’s not much, but I certainly do not have money growing on trees; and if you can figure out how to do that, please pass along your secret. I could use a little money about now. wink