I am in the process of developing a new project: an online arts magazine with a focus on visual arts, music, and writing. I would like to keep the emphasis on the South, but I’m willing to consider most anything. wink



… a few people who would be willing to write articles, essays, reviews, op ed pieces, entries, comics, whatever, for a monthly online magazine with a focus on arts: visual, literary, music. (Previous publication experience is not needed; just a willingness to thoughtfully write on a particular topic and some computer skills;comfort with the web and/or MS Word). At some point a monthly featured visual artist or writer will also be included but not initially.

If you think you would be interested, drop me a line. I would love to see this grow but I need help to do that. wink



Looking for people to contribute original articles, essays, writings on a monthly basis on topics such as:

— art, book, and/or music reviews

— links and reviews of interesting websites of potential interest to artists or those interested in the arts (including specific arts websites as well as tools such as FLICKR, blogger, google pages, yahoo 360, myspace, deviantart, etc.)

— art techniques, DIY, how-tos, or social networking experiments

— bios of artists/writers/musicians (especially, underrated/overlooked artists/writers/musicians of the South of any time period)

— the life of the artist (i.e., a column on your experiences as an artist: the good and the bad)

— creativity (what is it? who has it? How do you cultivate it? How do you get over writer’s or painter’s or ______ block?)

— individual literary works: stories, poetry, comics, serial novels or plays, etc.

— op ed pieces: U.S. and global issues affecting the art world, talking points in art, what is art?, the affects of technology (the web, new media, etc.) on art and artists, various controversies in art

— other ideas (pitch me your thoughts!)




You do not have to have previous writing experience to participate. However, you will need to have access to a computer with Internet access, and be comfortable with the ‘net, and possibly experience with MSWord.


— send an email to request contributor application form (reason for interest in contributing; any relevant experience; topics of interest (you can change your mind later, but it helps to start building the magazine front)your website, writing sample info)

You will not need to contribute to every single issue; however, if you want to be listed as a regular contributor, you should be able to contribute something to most of the issues (at least 9 per year).

All contributors will receive full credit for work; regular contributors will also have a contributor webpage with bio info, etc. The first issue will launch sometime in May (actual date tentative).

If you have questions, please let me know. If you are interested let me know. If you have ideas, let me know.

If you think this sounds interesting, let me know. …in other words; let me know your ideas. This could be fun!