I don’t really understand in this day of technology that some exhibits still want slides. Well, I just shot the first batch, and I have to say, I’m getting better at it. wink At one point, I actually paid someone to shoot slides, but they really weren’t much better. The photographer used artificial light and it just made my paintings a little shiny looking (and they are not shiny, or glossy, so it strikes me as funny, that they could appear that way!). Thinking back on the experience, it was kind of funny. Here’s this professional photographer, nice studio, lighting, attitude, etc. telling me what was best for shooting artwork (my artwork at that). Now, I know that my work is much, much better photographed under natural light, preferably diffused, e.g., a bright overcast day.

Anyhow, I have to get another batch of slide film for round 2. I’m starting to be on good terms with the slide developers. Speaking of slide film, have you noticed the dearth of 35mm film? walmart, excerd&’s and target, all have little of it. I am talking about regular 35mm like the kodak pro color, not professional film. I asked the person at eckerd’s about it and she almost laughed. She said, No one uses 35mm film anymore and we’re doing away with it completely. Umm.. hello? You stock the disposable 35mm cameras but not 35mm proper?