Okay, so here’s hoping I can pull this grant thing together. I discovered I need to apply for a DUN number which is similiar to a business listing. I don’t quite understand, but I hope it comes through by today at 4:45 p.m. Slides are done and ready for pickup by this lunchtime (I hope). The weather was completely crappy for shooting slides. I tried artificial light, but I’m afraid of getting too much glare on the mixed media pieces. They are kind shimmery and I don’t mean SHINY, but due to the various components, in some spots, they reflect or catch the light. So, it was a last minute shoot under overcast skies. I hope the lighting ends up being okay. Otherwise, I scrap the exhibit part of this and just go with the web design class for artists. If nothing else, I now will be prepared for next year! wink

Thursday I drop off work for evaluation for a juried show. I’ve yet to get into this one. I seem to hit the opposite of whatever the curator’s theme is. Okay, the theme is SUPPOSED to be the best of regional work, but one year, it was definitely beige, black, white, and grey (kind of obvious you know). So, who knows. I’m not particularly confident that I will make it this year, but hey, I’ll give it a try.

Friday, if I survive, I will drop off work for the Mental Health Auction. A good cause, a lot of fun, etc.

Today, while I wait for the DUN so that I can do the e grant portion of my application, I am in a practical proofreading class. DO NOT LAUGH. I can write a decent sentence when needed, but well; this spot on the web is not about writing decent sentences. If you haven’t noticed, it is mostly stream of conscious

(aren’t most blogs? journals?)

Oh, and I have to start planning for my exhibit wrapped which is coming up in April.