So, over the weekend I went to the mountains. The weather was nice (blue skies a few times) and the snow was okay. Great, considering how the weather has been. I was a little rusty as I hadn’t been on my board in well.. about a year. Plus, a new board (actually, my older lib tech board, which is a better board than my newer gnu) plus new bindings…and good grief, those bindings were tough to get out of it. I realize the idea is that they will keep your feet put, but I think I might actually switch back to my ride bindings vs. these newer k2s. I felt a little bit silly. I mean, here I’ve been riding for a while and yet, I’m having more trouble getting out of my bindings than a newbie! Plus, I just couldn’t get into the groove of it all, somehow. I’m not sure why. Maybe I just felt a little rusty. Anyhow, overall, an okay day.

Anyhow, here is my little movie from last year (the year of the sickness and I don’t mean that in RAD terms…) LOL….