So, I’m working on a grant to teach a workshop or class about designing a website. Now this wouldn’t be a hands on here; where to click kind of thing, instead an overview of how to get started; how to plan the site, elements of good design, etc.

I don’t know if it will get accepted or even funded. I hope it gets accepted. I’m not so worried about whether I actually ever teach the class or not, although it might be fun. wink

Anyhow, not only do I need numerous references, but bazillions of pieces of info. I have to send in slides plus supporting material (pr sort of stuff). The slides have to include 1 of the outside of the building where I have exhibited. Geepers! I don’t usually take slides of the outside of the building or even the installation. So, this afternoon if it is sunny, I am going to swing by and snap a couple of a gallery where I have exhibited. The slides and the references are the two things I am the most worried about. I updated my resume in October, so that is good to go. I think I have well written class proposals, so that is okay. I have tons of supporting documentation (think press kit) on my computer (including images of installations, outsides of buildings, etc.) . So that is easy; just drop everything onto a CD.

I have until the 23rd. I have some of the references lined up and I hope by this afternoon to have at least a couple more. I am contacting just about everyone that I have worked with on a freelance or volunteer level, in hopes that I will have more than I need (oh, please!)

I wasn’t sure that I was going to do this, but hey, if you don’t try, you will never know.

So, my to do list for the next few days:

— new slides (10 of which 1 must be the outside of a building)

— resume

— supporting documentation

— references

— grant proposal form

Of those, I’ve finished the resume and proposal, and I am working on the slides, documentation, and references.

wish me luck.