my internet has been mostly down. I don’t know if I can even write about my experience with the tech support person who came to fix it. The first person (yes, the FIRST) was awful. Very condescending and I felt the urge to smack him a few times. wink You know, I may not know everything there is to know about computer networking, but I know a little bit. He replaced all of the interior stuff including the modem. Umm… all of that stuff was new…. and had worked… and the TV was fine. Tech support via the phone determined it was line noise OUTSIDE of the house. So, this guy is 3 hours late (no apology) and then proceeds to muck around in the house for another 2 hours only to end up stating that it is a problem in the line (no kidding?!?) and he can’t fix that. He will put in a work order. Does he? NO…and the thing that peeves me to no end is that changed my desktop (I know really silly, but it&’s just adding insult to insult, ya know?).

I don’t use IE. If I could dump it without compromising Windows I would (that fix is just a little too delicate for me to stress about, so I just deleted the shortcuts)…and I don’t use MSN as my homepage (he asked, I said google, he set it to MSN).

Does he listen to me when I tell him 1)what tech support said noise on the exterior line 2)the tv is fine 3)ALL of the interior cable modem stuff is new 4)the problem has occured before when it rains.

OF COURSE NOT. Because apparently I am ignorant.

Okay, because I have given my site a rating so my niece can access it, I can not use the words that I would like to. So, use your imagination. wink

Anyhow, I call the co. again on Monday A.M. and two other tech support folks are sent over. Wow. They are so much nicer. They quickly determine that yes, the problem is outside, and patch a temporary line in. They also determine that the replacement modem the first person installed is shot. Yep. Good going, Sherlock.

I really don’t have words to express how awful the first experience was. If I could have behaved like the 5 year old I was feeling like, I would have either kicked him in the shin or smacked him. Either way, it would have been sweet satisfaction.