Okay, I think I first need to state that I checked out alot of books over the holidaze for vacation reading. There, how is that for a disclaimer? wink

Cell: A novel by Stephen King

As an early reader of Stephen King (I read Salem’s Lot in 6th grade, umm… Mom, you didn’t hear that….) I sometimes feel kind of obligated to read his books. I am really not sure why. Anyhow, the brief synopsis of Cell is that a genetic mutating virus is transmitted via cell phones, which causes people to forget social niceties and become animalistic in terms of behavior. Combine that with some shared visioning/messaging a rag-tag group of non-cell phone users, and there’s the story. It’s a fairly predictable King novel, in my opinion. Technology run amuck, people/animals becoming violent, once central character who seems to understand what is going on, etc.

Evidence of Things Unseen : Marianne Wiggins
I absolutely adored this book. The description on the book jacket calls this novel poetic, I prefer lyrical. On the surface, the story is fairly straightforward. A young man with a keen interest in luminescence and x-rays, meets Opal, the daughter of a glass blower. They fall in love, work in the photography business together, have a sideshow business of xraying people for entertaiment (eeks!), and later, become involved with the Manhatten Project at Oakridge. However, in addition to that stories there are many substories involving people that they meet along the way. An intelligently written and thoughful novel the story, with story arcs that circumscribe the novel. Absolutely lovely.