well, in the last couple of weeks I’ve had at least 5 migraines. I can’t even count anymore. The good news is with medication, they only last 2-4 hours max, vs. the 8-16 hours of the past. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I felt incredibly groggy and foglike. I’ve never had that as a precursor to a migraine before, but by lunchtime, it was well underway. One thing that does happen to me when I have a migraine is that I am freezing to death. My hands and feet feel like ice cubes and anyone who touches me can feel how cold I am. It’s not just a perception either, my temperature actually drops slightly, usually not a whole degree, but just a few tenths. Of course, is it that my temperature actually drops because I’m being inactive or is the temperature drop actually a symptom?

Migraines for me are like being caught in a storm, a blizzard. They start with little sprinkles (the aura), the cold, roaring noise, blinding light. Afterwards, it’s like after a hurricane. Exhausted, peaceful, quiet, thankful. I’ve yet to find any medication that can fully control them and to be honest, I’m not sure how much medication I want to be on.

Of course, when I look back over the last week, I see some potential triggers. I did what I could to stay on keel, but I allowed myself to be bad. I haven’t done yoga or any serious exercise in about 3 weeks. I’ve eaten abit of sugar and I had given up refined sugars. I didn’t drink enough real water. I missed my vitamins a few days. While travelling, I tried to stick to my sleeping schedule in as much as possible, but that’s hard to do in a hotel. I also drank some wine (in moderation, of course), but I didn’t have migraines those days (go figure!). I spent considerably more time in the sun. I ate quite abit of shellfish (again no migraines those days). So, here’s hoping for the new year, that as I get back to my schedule, that I can also get back to 1 or less migraine a month. Because I am exhausted and until I can feel rested, I know that my creativity will not come back.