ok, I realize there are alot of folks who are not on the internet or even have a computer or heck, even have a phone, but that’s another post all together wink

Anyhow, somehow I stumbled across seal’;s blog. Now, I imagine it’s not very hard to find as it’s linked off of his site, but I wasn’t really looking for it.

Apparently, seal also snowboards and has a very bad (and I mean bad in the cool, good way) new ride. Dang, it makes me think I should be riding my older black lib tech board (special edition) this year instead of the green gnu I loooove. Anyhow, you can check out what he writes about, here. It’s pretty cool, I think and it seems like he is probably actually writing it (vs. an agent or pr person). I think I’m going to add him to my blogroll for a little while. Heck, why not. wink