While she was growing up, Robin Fay was surrounded by a family of crafty women who were always busy with quilting, crocheting, sewing and even poetry projects. Today, the award-winning artist still enjoys piecing things together, and she lays the foundation for many of her latest works by cutting or ripping paper and fabric. Fay finds inspiration in Celtic designs, and she is drawn to the lines, shapes and forms of organic and manmade shapes ranging from DNA spirals to sea stacks (rock formations jutting out of the ocean). She says, My work is textured, rich in color, and hopefully captures a kinetic energy. In Fay’s Red Bull Deconstructed, a pulled-apart can is embellished as it spirals across an azure blue and red background consisting of handmade, beads, sand, metal forms, and spiral shapes on canvas. Like many of Fay’s creations (check out her website http://www.robinart.com) it represents something beyond the obvious. It’s not taking an item and making it into something else she notes. It’s taking a can and pulling it apart to find the hidden beauty within. She finishes with a good-natured shrug. Maybe that sounds like a lofty idea, but that was the concept, at least. –Red Bull Art of the Can, 2006, review, juried exhibit