I recently went to a conference where I sat at a table with someone who essentially told everyone at the table how she has stolen images for her paintshop pro work. She suggested that she might have stolen my artwork for such purposes. To be honest, she was such an odd person, that I didn’t feel comfortable taking her own. I don’t know why. She made these broad sweeping statements that really weren’t rooted in reality. For example, my website. Now I really doubt the psp community is hanging out here. I don’t make cutesy things and my artwork would not be easy for the kind of work that most of them do. Sure it could probably be done, but for the amount work put into it, the return would be loooow.

I’ve used paintshop pro in the past, and the product itself is fine. It’s kind of a low end photoshop and it does have some neat features, primarily the ability to create tubes; which are like brushes or rubber stamps actually using images. While that is kind of cool, I’ve never really liked the whole psp community that has sprung up. Generally, their work is very umm…. kindergarten teacher bulletin board material (which is fine, but I’m not sure if that qualifies as professional graphic design.)

Anyhow, it was just strange.