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Well, the reception was fun. Winners of the contest were exactly as I suspected; the artists featured on the promotional lit.

Good food, sushi, a dessert bar, but not as much food as there probably should have been. Lots of red bull and various beverages (red bull and champagne is not very good….) Several very drunk girls in the bathroom. I imagine they were some of the SCAD students as the were wearing sort of prom dresses and looked very underage. Entertainment was a hiphop/breakdance team. Although the reception was fun, it seemed to last just a little bit too long; maybe a variety of entertainment would have helped? Also, the audio was terrible during the announcements.. Very nice exhibit catalogues. All in all, a nice professional reception. Oh, and the big banners in the photos listed all of the artists. wink Lots o beautiful beautiful, hipsters, some folks trying their hardest to look remotely cool, a guy in black and gold rosette print skinny pants and another channeling visionwearfrom the 80s etc. etc….

Wisely, my datewas my sister, 6 + (in heels), professional glam girl and diva-ette; she was busy chatting up folks including some media folks who approached HER. Ha!

Sat. is the public opening. If you are in the area, it would be a fun exhibit to see (and the gallery has some nice non redbull artwork, too, especially the star girls as I’m calling them.) Some of the red bull works have lights/sound and some are much much bigger than they appear on the web! enjoy.

From 85 N, exit 86 to monroe, turn right onto armour, follow armour for just a little while and went it curves/splits, take a right. 199 Armour

mason murer