okay, this is so shallow…. but I can’t help it….

in a moment of panic yesterday, I realized that I have nothing to wear to the reception/private party on Thursday. OKAY, that’s not quite true. I own several formal gowns for more formal art &; theatre events, and then a pair of long black chiffon split skirt/wide palazzo pants which I wear to just about every other art event. Those are great – I can wear them with embellished flat sandals and a cool shirt for a more casual look OR dress them up; but still. none of that seems appropriate to this kind of event.&; I want something simple and kind of low key, something that is chic (which I’ve probably never looked in my whole life), that fits me.

I think I’ve been watching project runway too much. I really like Laura’s personal style. I guess I had forgetten how well primarily black clothes and red lipstick work on pale redhead girls. In a way, it seems very conservative and sort of classic arty wear. However, she always looks kind of professional and polished, which I think is a bonus. So, maybe a little page out of that book isn’t a bad idea, but glam it up just a little with the shoes/accessories. Oh, and black cherry lipstick instead of that brick red (which I do looooove…..but rarely wear anymore)

And voila! There it was! A simple black kneelength wrap skirt. It’s absolutely perfect. I can wear it with tall boots and my brocade coat this winter OR wear it with black capri leggings and ballet flats OR wear it with wedgy black mj’s and patterned tights (what I’ve already decided on for Thursday)….

Oh, I love it. So, all I need to do is figure out what to do with my hair which I’ve been fighting with lately.