Today, five years ago, I was in a meeting. My project group was discussing promotional events and we were not getting anywhere. Finally, wrapping up the meeting, we were quibbling over when the next meeting should be. In the middle of our discussion, someone opened the door and said A plane just flew into the world trade center, and then shut the door again.

At which point, we continued on with our talks and the person opened the door again and the person said, I’m SERIOUS YA’LL!!!! (because she is kind of a smarty pants jokester, although I don’t think anyone thought she was making it up; more wondering why she was telling us…. and yes, I live in the south)

Although unspoken, we decided that maybe we should not worry so much about our next meeting and find out what was going on (at that point only one plane). Most of us could not get into the cnn server; and I, along with 5 or 6 folks peered over my friend Christine’s shoulder, watching the CNN coverage. As she had been listening to NPR, when it began, she quickly switched to CNN. Once she was hooked into the stream, her computer was literally our line to the world. She had taken off her headphones and turned up her headphones as loud as she could, so that we could all hear.At that point, we realized that U.S. had been attacked. I imagine the people listening to the radio broadcasts after Pearl Harbor felt the same.

Amazement, shock, a sense of unreality; and I think that even so far away, we all felt a moment of being scared.;