well, fall feels right around the corner which is both great and bad. Great, because I love fall. I love the little bit of coolness to the air (not much though, because this is the hot south); I love the goldenness of the afternoon sun; I love apples (ok, I don’t live near apple orchards, but I like the idea…) and the other fall foods cinnamon and caramel and pumpkin and spice; I love the deep saturated colors of fall: greens, brick reds, pumpkin purple and black; I love Halloween and harvest; I love putting my little flower garden to bed for the winter; I love the energy and good mood that suddenly abounds because we have survived another brutal summer of oppressive heat and dripping humidity. What I don’t love is football season, and the onslaught of my allergies (much worse in the fall) which somehow always seem to trigger a migraine or two.&; Anyhow, here’s to fall.