Many of you know that I have suffered for migraines for many years; at least since I was about 12 or so. My grandmother had migraines, as does my little niece (only 11!). The first migraines I had were all before the new medicines were available. Treatment choices were the usual OTCs, anaprox, or the preventative (identifying triggers) or dealing with the aftermath.

These days, I usually have just a few a year, although I’ve had several in the last few months, which is kind of scary, because the frequency seems to be increasing again. I’m currently going on a 2 1/2 day migraine, although it’s not been quite as severe as the debilitating ones of the past. I can actually sit up, light and noise bother me slightly, I can look at my computer for very short periods of time, but at least I am able to function on a very superficial level. Of course, besides being in pain, I am mostly very cranky and very easy to snap at anyone. I kind of threw a temper tantrum Monday afternoon at someone who really didn’t deserve it. I owe her more than an apology. It does seem to be easing off a little between the zomig and some yoga this afternoon.

This article about migraines from the NY Times is interesting, although not so much in the way of new or groundbreaking. Many of the triggers listed in the article are common triggers for me: disruptions in sleep schedule, especially sleeping too late or at odd times of the day; stress; not eating breakfast/or eating at odd times; wine (sometimes) but especially when combined with shellfish; hormonal changes; lack of caffeine or too much caffeine; and changes in the barometer pressure. In fact, if I really wanted to have a migraine, I could definitely cause it to happen. Of course, I didn’t always know what caused my migraines, but in college I had so many that I had to do a migraine journal for a couple of months. It did help pinpoint a lot of my triggers, and I try to do what I can, but then there are times when nothing works (like now).

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