Well, I’m waiting to hear about Artists for Preservation, which umm… should be any day now. I’m in for the red bull art of the can contest (october), I have the arts gala in December, and I have something lined up for April. I should probably try to squeeze in an out of state juried show in there somewhere. I also need to look for a larger gallery. Not only has it been a while sent I’ve submitted stuff for galleries, but I haven’t done anythng recently which is been high profile enough to get an invite from a gallery, either. I’m happy with the galleries I have, but they are kind of small. I need to find somewhere who will take a few of the larger pieces from me. Anyhow, there is always something to do besides create art. I think that’s one of the challenges, balancing the creating with all of the business and promotion that has to happen to be successful in the arts.