I have started running/walking again, but it’s not really helping in the sleeping part, at least just yet. Friday night I finally was able to go bed at 4:30 A.M. 🙁 Anyhow, I’m hoping that the running/walking thing will soon become a habit, and then I can get the distance up so that I can cut down on frequency. Right now, I’m walking/running either 1.3 or 2.6 miles, Sun-F, with Sat. being the off day (because well, Sat. being the off day is probably just going to happen anyhow.).

Being a little …um heavier runner than I’ve been in the past I’m trying to be very very careful and slow starting out. I don’t want to end up with a stress fracture like I had a few years ago (when I was much lighter but was training way too hard….) Anyhow, I thinking I’ll continue the old run-n-walk until probably around Aug 20, if all goes well. Hopefully, by then, the 2.6 will be a comfortable run (well, some days, at least) and then I can start focusing on upping the mileage, and switching out yoga 2 X a week.

Once I start getting the mileage up, I will definitely need the yoga for my back and spine. In the overall scheme, yoga is a wonderful complement to any intense or aerobic exercise. Plus, yoga is much better for surfing and snowboarding that running is (really, both of them are primarily very strength and balance oriented, not endurance or aerobic oriented) The downside to yoga is that it’s not continously aerobic (even power yoga) and it does take longer per session (a 20 min run is probably equal to 30-40 mins of yoga).