… You remember that scene in starwars when the hero group is in the millenium falcon and it starts shaking like mad, and han solo says something, like ‘baby just hold it together to the ship’ and you know that it is on the verge of splintering up into a million billion pieces? Well, welcome to my week. I just hope I have enough duct tape to keep everything together until I make it into port, which I hope is next week, but could even be as far out as Sept. I have more work than I can shake a monkey at (okay, shaking a monkey is probably like shaking a baby, and NOT a good idea, but…) and it seems my days are shorter and shorter. Because I’m so knee-deep in work, I’m now feeling the weight and pull of various people and projects who need my attention. This is one thing I just don&’t understand. Why, when, I’m sitting around with little to do, are these people and projects not popping up demanding attention? well, there’;s your nearly the end of the week, I can’t believe I made this far, with a roll of duct tape, some sparkly nail polish, a pack of bandaids, and a rubber band wink

My dreams of a vacation this summer, have once again evaporated and by vacation, I don’t mean a long weekend. I mean at least a week, no cell phones, no palms, no nothing. Me, the world, my camera, a paintbrush, and maybe a friend on occasion Well, there’s always Sept.