well, not much to report other than I’ve been frantically trying to do as much of my metadata moonlighting assignment as possible. About 3/4 of the group has dropped out due to various committments (although I think the unanticipated amount of extra work combined with much lower pay rate is not helping at all), which means that I can take on extra once I finish my sheets (excel spread sheets of records needing metadata). To be honest, if I didn’t have hospital bills to pay off, I would probably be in the boat with the other jumpers. But, I do need the money, and I can type fairly fast (I think between 80-100 wpm with minimal errors, but the last typing test I took was 68 wpm, although I feel much faster these days) and I’ve come up with some shortcuts which seem to help (lots of copy and paste in as much as possible). Of course, that doesn’t mean that I have ceased to think about what I am doing, to the contrary. It just means that once I have mentally categorized a record, I can slap those descriptors in and go. wink

So, it may be quiet around here for a little while. I have until around the end of August to finish whatever I can (my sheets, plus…)

well, there’s your midweek scoop.