In lieu of the past two photo fridays, you get lots of photos from the nikki de saint phalle exhibit. Here are my quick thoughts on the exhibit. I mostly loved it

    o was really really hot, grumpy kids, wilted parents….

    o a map of the nikki works in their relationship to the garden would have been very nice. I think I saw everything, but not sure

    o I wasn’t as crazy about the jazz, sports, and music works of art. These were done later in Nikki’s life and for her great grandson. While they are kind of neat (tributes to louis armstrong, etc.) they are not quite as whimsical and joyous as the umm …maidens. They seem a little stodgy in comparison. The colors/design is more blocked out and they seem kind of stiff, whereas the maidens in spite of the fact that they are large sculptures, seem very lively.

    o I really liked the kind of storybook characters the alligators, cats, etc.

    o Some of the sculptures with obvious chairs/spots to sit, were blocked off. Maybe those are a little more fragile for some reason, but there was one that looked like folks should have been able to sit on it.

    o Somehow, considering the theme was ‘come play’ it still felt a lot like going to an exhibit; maybe some piped in music through the garden would have helped.

    o more water fountains

    o I hope to visit again in the fall

..and to see my photos, follow this link