ok, I’ll make this quick because 1) I don’t feel so well and 2)I’ve not written for a while….

so last weekend was the big crazy weekend. my cousin and family were visiting hotlanta and i was going to try to meet up with them. well, it didn’t quite work out, but that’s okay, I had a most excellent time. I went to see the nikki de st. phalle exhibit at the botanical gardens (photo links to follow &; more on the art later), just about had heat exhaustion at said exhibit, ate at mellow mushroom (mmm…. spinach and tofu calzone bigger than house…..

mmmmmm….) and went to see THAT PIRATE MOVIE. sigh. Okay, let’s just say it was a tad too long and despite the fact I can ride a rollercoaster, that movie almost gave me vertigo a couple of times.

It wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, either. The jokes were few and kind of flat, I thought. HOWEVER, umm… it was mostly dark, and eerie, and creepy, and Johnny Depp. All it needed was Tim Burton to direct it. Of course, if Tim Burton directed it the ‘bad pirates’; would actually be the good guys who were somehow woefully misunderstood; oops, sorry, let my goth side slip out a little…

Anyhow, it’s not making my favorite movie list, because well, it wasn’t visually stunning (tim burton movies, matrix, when dreams may come, terry gilliam, alot of scifi/fantasy, etc.), or thought provoking (truman story, life aquatic, ….list is too long), or cheesy (austin powers, something about mary, 007, etc.) or charming in a fairybook way or sharp satire/documentaries (bowling for columbine, spinal tap, toys, etc.)….

this past weekend, I scrambled to throw some art together for a contest (separate entry for that, too) and went to the beach for my first real surfing lesson. I think it mostly went ok, and it was alot of fun. I now have what is known as a softtop beginner board, so it’s pretty easy to manouver in the water. I did get my feet under me a couple of times, but the waves were really small and breaking close to shore, so my the time I was getting up, the fins were about to hit the bottom. … but still, FUN.