sometimes my former career paths actually help me out. Case in point, english lit & writing. I’ve been fortunate enough to write a little professionally for an encyclopedia (categories, arts &; entertainment) and also I’ve edited some entries in wikipedia (just for the fun of it…)

If I can finish my short chapters, I will have 2 pieces in an upcoming book. One will be very database/public services oriented, so I am imagining that one will have a very narrow interest group. The second will be an op ed piece on google and the what that means for libraries, especially lib catalogs. Hopefully not as narrow a focus.

Anyhow. I hope you realize that my writing here is kind of free and easy, stream of conscious. Certainly not what I would consider professional grade….


One thing I am considering doing here is separating out my stories, from my general ramblings about whatever. What do you think?