Funny, the things you stumble across when you clean out an attic. I just found the book I wrote when I was in 3rd grade (ok, maybe not a book; as it’;s only 4 pages including illustrations!). It’s called the strange breakdown. I’m not sure if I actually typed it, because I don’t remember doing that part, but maybe I did. I do remember typing other things, but not this. I do remember that we used leftover wallpaper (because we didn’t have time to go to the store for posterboard) for the book binding, and my teacher laminated all of our books for us.

I did do this myself, all of which I remember very clearly (also, I remember working on it the night before it was due, frantically trying to get it finished…. )

A couple of notes about the illustrations: In the car, I am the one reading. My sister is the one with the picasso like eyeball. I did know in 3rd grade that only one eye would be visible in profile, but I couldn’t really figure out how to render that. Also, I had a really hard time with the steering wheel of the car. I think this is the first car I drew (maybe the only car I drew, and it’s one of those mid 70s boats with a very long hood.

Somewhere in my art room, I also have a copy of the essay (1 paragraph) that I wrote for the school newspaper when I was in second grade.&; wink

Anyhow, I thought this might be fun.

Here is the story transcribed (and unedited):

It was a late afternoon and my family and I were on a trip coming from my Grandmothers’. Suddenly, our car stopped running. My Dad managed to pull over to the side of the road. He checked everywhere for something that might be wrong with it. About that time it got dark and started pouring rain. We all had to get in the car and sit with the windows rolled up. This made us very hot and uncomfortable.

(editor’s note: I bet I had to ask somebody how to spell uncomfortable!)

The crickets and frogs started chirping and croaking which created an eerie environment. We happened to be along the edge of a swamp with no house in sight. We sat for two hours. It didn’t seem like we’d ever be rescued. FInally, the car started running as if nothing had been wrong with it.

It was very strange. It started as quickly as it had stopped. Nothing was ever found wrong with the car. What do you think happened to it that night?