niki de phalle (sculpture)

imageI am so excited. I am going to get to see the outside exhibit’s niki in the garden (links are at the bottom).I learned about niki de phalle because there was a fragrance inspired by her (I think probably from the 60s). Anyhow, I worked as a fragrance counter person in college (yeah, I know, you hate them) and one of things we were trying to get rid of was niki de phalle. The bottle was a beautiful cobalt blue, kind of round in design, with entwined snakes on the stopper. I remember asking and someone told me she was a sculptor.

Not being really into sculpture (sorry folks, it just doesn’t rock my world generally), I just sort of forgot about it. Years later, I went to saint diego and marvelled and played on these very cool mosaic organic sculpture in san diego. (You can see where this is going, right? Yes, you are right. These were famous works of art, and emm; well, folks were playing on them as if they were giant playgrounds. My friend S. said that they are meant to be playscapes which is why they have things like hand holds, and places to sit, and little steps…)

What I really love about her work (besides the wonderful vivid colors) is the twisting, dynamic and organic shape. They truly almost seem alive and pulsing with energy. The other thing which really makes her work connect with me, is the whole abstract in little parts (in her case, mosaics) into a larger more representational being (but still sort of flowy, and organic…) I really am very drawn to artwork which uses abstract concepts to develop representational forms. I think it is partly looking for (my catchphrase) the hidden in plain site.&;

Anyhow, I have since rediscovered her and her work is now at the atlanta botanical gardens. Including one very famous work that I sat on. I wonder if they are letting folks sit on her stuff there? Anyhow, I hope to make the trip twice. Once over the summer, and if I’m lucky perhaps, even halloween night. Now, wouldn’t that be cool? Definitely, lots of cool photos forthcoming and I promise to write a real review.