I had to write this up for another site, so I thought I’d cross post it here:

mixed media and photography

A long time ago, I thought I wanted to be a writer (my educational background is really assorted…) then I thought I wanted to be astronaut (no really, I did and was studying chemistry in hopes of preparing) then I discovered that you really had to be in the military to be astronaut, so I decided I wanted to create fragrances. Anyhow, after I discovered graphing in the 4th plane in a required differential calculus class, my brain exploded.

Well, okay, maybe it didn’t explode, but I had some serious stuff happen and I realized that the amount of work I was putting into Chemistry was not giving me an opportunity to have a life at all. So, meltdown at 21. All that time, I had been taking either literature, writing or fine arts classes for my electives. I’ll never forgot what my career counselor said to me about Chemistry, Honey, you are in the wrong discipline! When I finally switched out of the hard sciences, I had so much fun and the classes were a billion times easier (not that writing is easy stuff, it’s not; but hey, you have to go with your aptitude!)

…and all of that time as I made my way through Romantic Literature (my areas of study are mythology, Romantic & Gothic Literature; which umm you can just think of as gods, hippies, and vampires), I took whatever I could get into in the art department. Unfortunately, I was entirely too intimidated by one encounter with an advisor in the art department to ever switch my major; she told me that I would be starting over again as a freshman and that given my age (!!!) and lack of art credentials (all I had at the point was 4 years of high school art..), my chances of being accepted were slim.

So, between what I could fit into during my regular academic work, I did workshops and took various community classes in color theory, design, painting, drawing, computer graphics, really whatever I could.

..and that’s my background really.

As for inspirations, well, I really am inspired by everything and I know that sounds kind of trite, but it’s true. I really look for the hidden things, the elements of beauty that are everywhere. I love old industrial buildings and warehouses (ok, I hate what they have done to the environment, but that is a different story…) I am especially inspired by color and line, especially, twirly spirals and twisting lines. Yeah, try getting me away from a spiral staircase. Wink

My friends frequently hear, stop stop stop; they are staring blankly as I snap away with my camera. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, I am even sometimes amazed.