ok, deep breath. stop the racy panic thoughts. I will be ready to hang my exhibit in a week. I have enough stuff. The work is good enough (in my opinion). I will not have technical difficulties (like frames falling apart, or work getting scuffed in transportation, or heavens, gallery staff dropping a piece and breaking it, which essentially ruined it. oh, yeah, those have all happened…) I will be prepared and I’ve asked all the right questions (pr taken care of, announcement cards I have to do myself (! dang, that might have been a deal breaker if I had asked ahead of time), signage, good lighting, an assistant for hanging and secure storage space, etc.

It’s not even that big of an exhibit as I would have to foot the bill for the reception ok, no problem. I’ve done it before (although, I’ve gotten kind of spoiled with the show up and eat and be merry…) but I have to use an authorized caterer which means no less than 400$ (and least from the list I was sent for review). I know, not really that much money, but considering the location and my income, 400$ would be alot to put out in hopes that folks would actually show up.&; So, I’ve canceled that. I mean, really. The chances I will sell anything in this exhibit are not particularly high (summer in a college town even the faculty are away), so cross that one off of the list. I could do an artist talk instead of a reception, but oh, I just don’t know if I could do that. Receptions are hard enough. A whole hour of a talk by myself. I know, I’ve done a million presentations at work, but it’s just not the same. A panel is different. Just me? Oh no.

So why did I agree to this? I ask myself this every time. Why oh, why? Well, because I need to. My town has alot of artists and if your name doesn’t pop up regularly enough, it’s easy to become forgotten.&; So mostly the PR, a chance to get some work out of my studio space temporarily (it needs a very good cleaning and new storage racks). As these are mostly medium-largish works of art (48 x 36 is the largest), alot of the exhibition spots around here, really can’t (or won’t accommodate them). Plus, to be honest, most of the exhibit spots offer a far less appealing deal. Just showup and hang your work and you’re lucky if your name shows up in the community calendar.

Once I was paired with 2 artists who were completely different in style and our worked clashed terribly on the walls.&; Additionally, we all had no idea how much work to bring as we weren’t given any details about how much square footage each artist was to receive. Being that I was the only with large works, I was asked if I could bring some more’ the next day to help fill the space.and the signs wouldn’t stick to the walls very well, and our names were constantly getting mixed up. just awful. yet that unprofessionalism seems to be pretty typical. I am lucky in that I am a little more selective, which means I generally steer clear of the truly awful stuff

Thankfully, Clayton St. Gallery has been excellent to deal with. Very professional &; they work very hard at the pr stuff, which I appreciate greatly.

oh, I am in full melt down and I have a week to go.&; insomnia, here we goooo….