so, my mom & I went to the symphony and then out to a nice Italian restaurant (DEPALMA’s, if you most know Wender!) for a combined holiday. As her birthday is Weds., I thought I would just splurge and do a 2 for 1 kind of thing. The symphony was her idea. Anyhow, it was mostly ok. I’m really not much of a classical music girl, unless it involves music which accompanies ballet (note: my pandora station list has no classical or country). However, this was the pops concert, so the second half was all broadway (lots of Andrew Lloyd Weber) and even a little swing. Anyhow, I just thought, wow, my mom &; I actually for once had a real, grownup, get together. How’d that happen? Anyhow, to all of you mothers and aunts and grandmas and godmothers and friends and happy mother’s day.