when I worked in a very ghetto version of a discount store (they aspired to walmart and the store really was within walking distance from two different housing projects) , the store had the oldest (at least some parts were from the 50s) and creepiest mannequins imaginable. The crew working there were an odd assortment. After 5, it was almost all high school or college students, everything from punk rockers to frat boys to the farm kid who didn’t want to work on the farm but needed a little extra money. The two of us who had been given the task of doing the visual display would have to put different parts from different bodies to get a whole& mannequin with the right body position. There’s something really odd about putting together a whole mannequin out of a bunch of parts, searching for feet that might match somewhat in size and color. Of course, we’d try to hide the mismatched colors and slight size differences a little. Bracelets, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, anything to cover up the feet or seams. Although I think we both enjoyed doing the display with our sad and limited resources, I think we both somehow felt sorry for them. Sometimes it seemed the mannequins suffered unnecessary and sometimes hilarious indignities at our hands. We broke more toes and fingers than I can remember (which was one reason that my smock pockets were glued shut; a side effect from too many tubes of superglue). Then of course, sticking the rod where it needed to go to hold the mannequin really didn’t help, either.

Of course, we always fully dressed them in underclothes and even pantyhose. The pantyhose did help hold the parts together and sometimes we even used pantyhose on the guys. As for the underclothes, I’m not really sure why we did that.

I really wish I had thought to take photos of that stuff.