well, I’ve cut out hotlinking except for a few of ya. If you want to use my images, please just email me. To be honest, most of you who read my journal (you know who you are) are more than welcome to borrow an image or two. It’s just the myspace thing that is eating up my bandwidth. You know, one person on a large myspace posts an image which then gets posted to 15 other sites which then propogates onward. To be honest, I can’t really find the original source of the link at myspace or I would just email that person (believe me, I’ve looked). Instead, I’m disabling hotlinking. I know it kind of sucks for some of image search stuff but well — I GIVE UP!!!!!

soo, yes you can probably use my images; if you email me first and it can’t be 1)to make fun of something on my site 2)to promote anything illegal, terribly immoral, downright mean, etc. or 3)passing it off as your own artwork/photo/etc. I think that is fair enough, don’t you?