Voodoo Season : A Marie Laveau Mystery by Jewell Parker Rhodes (FICTION)

If you like historical or gothic inspired mysteries/crime thrillers, this might be an interesting read. It’s inspired by Marie Laveau a real life historical figure from New Orleans, and Voodoo Queen. Set in modern day (pre Katrina) New Orleans, this book weaves mystery, history, and a story of both making peace with the past and finding oneself into a contemporary crime thriller….and it even has zombies! I enjoyed this immensely. Very saturated in description, characters are lively, fast pacing, and many twists and turns. I will definitely read the followup book.

Dewey Decimated by Charles A. Goodrum (FICTION)

Yeah, so, I had to read a mystery set in a library. As much as I hate to say this, I didn’t find this book particularly engaging. The plot seemed a bit plodding in spots and then quick bursts of action to drive things along. Also, I had a hard time figuring out the cast of characters in the beginning; perhaps, a stronger central character was needed or a more even distribution in descriptions of the characters. It was fun reading the library stuff, but I am not sure that makes it completely worthwhile. Here is a little list of a person at amazon’s favorite bibliomysteries